make a presentation in Miro and share it with 3rd party

  • 27 March 2024
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Hey there.


I recently made a presentation (a business proposal) in Miro using the frames mode. I wanted to share the prooposal with my client such that she will be able to view it as a presentation and not the work area of the whiteboard. But I tried searchign for such an option and realised there isn’t any so had to export the frames as a pdf and share it with her.


Am I missing something, is there some feature that exists that I don’t know about?



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Am I missing something, is there some feature that exists that I don’t know about?

You are not missing anything – there is currently no way to limit access to specific objects or locations of a Miro board.

I was hopeful for this same option when I recently saw this beta feature:


However, this merely starts a presentation for the users, giving them access to all frames, and they could even remove the “&shareablePresentation=1” parameter and view the entire board.

Here it is in action:


Wish List

There are several Wish List idea posts where users have requested similar functionality to what you are looking for – you may want to upvote them:

However, if you feel that idea doesn’t truly reflect what you are looking to accomplish, I’d recommend adding this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know.

If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea.

Hi @Robert Johnson. Thank you so much - exactly what I was looking for :)