Links not displaying on board when it's embedded

  • 30 March 2020
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Firstly apologies if this has been covered elsewhere already, I searched but couldn’t find anything on this.

I’ve just created a Miro board using a free account, but in the Miro app for MacOS, and then I embedded that board in a SharePoint Page in my organisation’s Office365 account. I then added two links to the board: on one shape I added a link to another page in the SharePoint Site where I’ve embedded the board, and on another shape I added a link to a third shape in the board.

When I view the board in the MacOS app I can see the little blow right-pointing arrows for the links and they work when I click on them, but when viewing the board in the embedded frame on the SharePoint Page I can’t see those arrows and clicking on the shapes does nothing.

The relevant board section viewed in the Miro MacOS app.
The relevant board section viewed on the SharePoint Site Page where I embedded it. 

This has led me to believe that displaying links in boards is not supported. Is that correct?


5 replies

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Hey @Cam, thank you for sharing your use case and such a thorough explanation of the issue!

I’m afraid this is not expected behavior, and I’m going to convert your message to a Support ticket, my colleagues will get back to you via email. 

Thanks @Marina 

I got an email a few days ago from someone from Miro support who said “...links do not currently work on Miro board embeds. I will share your feedback with the corresponding team but I'm afraid there may be some technical limitations that prevent us from fixing this functionality.”

I haven’t heard anything back and to be honest I don’t know from the message if I’m meant to expect anything further. That’s fine but I just thought I should update this topic. I presume you were mistaken and the message from the email is right: links are not supported in Miro board embeds. I think making that clear here will reduce the number of support tickets about the issue.

Just trying to help!



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Hi @Cam, thank you for getting back and sharing it here!

Right, I was mistaken. The support team is more experienced in issues like this one. Thanks again, now I know :blush:  

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Is this a feature that is on the product development roadmap at all?


I have a number of use cases for this, along similar lines to @Cam ‘s initial post.


— ​​​​​​​Stephen

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I added this as a Wish List item here -