Issue downloading image from board onto iPhone when using app

  • 27 March 2023
  • 4 replies

I created the board on my macbook, and uploaded images onto the board. Other team members who are using their phone, have tried to download the images from the board, but the download button does not do anything. There is the icon that shows up at the bottom of the image when clicked, as well as the tab in the menu list that populates when you click the three dots. It is the same issue with different phones. No message comes on the screen, and the file is nowhere to be found on the iphone if it is downloading. 

4 replies

Same problem! Can’t download a single thing from my board, what happened?!

iPad app still works fine

I will have to drop sub, this is the only reason I’m paying big money for it and it’s not working

I have the same issue, when before I was downloading onto my phone without any problem.

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@Vadim B / @Ashton Rodrick / @Ellie Cooper - Has anyone reported this to Miro support yet?

@Vadim B / @Ashton Rodrick / @Ellie Cooper - Has anyone reported this to Miro support yet?


Just did that, through miro app support form 

hope they’ll fix it, the only function I really need doesn’t work :(