Is it possible to export board as text?

  • 27 July 2020
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Are there any adequate ways to export miro board as text? I'm a python developer in a small team and we are currently looking for a tool that will be able to convert mind maps into text, including basic topology that will allow to rebuild it back into graph. I'm really pleased with miro drawing and presentation abilities, but exporting options are too limited for me. Currently I'm using free account. I wonder is team account could be any better? I need any textual format that can be parsed programmatically and that stores information about shapes, coordinates and links between objects. Miro csv export does not seem helpful here. On free account I can't check what's inside vector PDFs. Maybe board backup files might be used?

Ideally I would like to export in JSON/CSV, I already know different tool that's capable of this, but I'm hoping that miro has similar feature somewhere.


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@Igor Zyktin -

Board backups are binary format files so unless you can reverse engineer the format that route wouldn’t work. Unless you use the API to consume specific data from a board, scraping a CSV or PDF export would be the only alternative.