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  • 5 December 2020
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I just want to know if there is a way to import google photos in a way that you can FIND them on the board? is there something I am doing wrong? Am I too zoomed out. I need to teach others how to do it and its hard to find it when it uploads.. Its so tiny! Is there a way to find it easily on the board?



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@Cynthia Burgess   Your struggle is real - I know the feeling.

You’ve probably made a marvelously expansive board and are zoomed out far and are/or importing something small. 


Being zoomed out really far will be the challenge here… for most working/reading spaces assume the zoom level at 25-100% is going to be best … I believe that’s a reasonable zoom level to receive images from the google image integration. But don’t be daunted by creating vast boards with many layers/levels of detail… just know that as you do, some of the Miro interface assumptions (image size on import) will become more of a challenge you need to look out for. 

Possible helpful way to think about it: You may want to think of it as: at 100% zoom, a Miro board ‘pixel’ is 1:1 with your screen’s pixels / an image file’s pixels.  With that in mind... the logic used as Miro first places an image is to size it such that at 100% zoom the image will appear exactly as many pixels (w/h) as you’d expect and fill up the approx amount of screen space.  If screen is 2000w and image is 1000w and Miro zoom is 100% the image will fill half the screen. If you imported that image it would be hard to miss at 100% zoom. But if you import it at 1% zoom it will look 100X smaller=> 1/200th of the screen.  


TMI:  As you size up or down an image and zoom in and out of it, it will resolve dynamically ( you may see images temporarily re-rendering to different levels of detail… the effect there is that if you brought in a, say, wallpaper image that is the exact pixel dimensions as your screen: 1) no matter what size you make it in Miro, when you zoom to the point that it fills your screen, it will look good ( not pixelated ) 2) if you zoom in beyond that point the image will begin to look pixelated. Also, if you import a small image 16pxX16px png icon for example, it will act and appear like 16 px of screen at whatever size you resize it and will look pixelated if you zoom in beyond its screen width spanning 16 px. Lastly, a high-res image, larger than your screen size, can provide an unpixelated image ~’landscape’ on your board that you can zoom into without it looking pixelated.

Side Note: As you might expect: This logic is actually handled differently for SVG’s.


Tips for Placing Images:  

If you’re using the Miro-integrated Google images plugin: it places the item in the exact center of your viewport ( the center of your current location over the board ). So move yourself somewhere in the board where the arrival of that image will be visible and not confounded by other objects. If you don’t see it… use the click drag “lasso” select to select it. Zoom in to the exact center of the place you imported it. 

If you go to Google Images the website and right click and “copy” an image (or have any image from your computer (a screenshot for example) on your computer’s clipboard)) and return to Miro and paste it into the board with ctrl+v(win) cmd+v(Mac) it will paste NOT in the center of the viewport/canvas location but it will place the image wherever your cursor is over the board. This is a super helpful bit of logic as it allows you to pinpoint where you want images to land ( but it also throws miro users until they know its happening -- threw me for the longest time when I was doing as you are … importing into a vast board at low zoom (>1%) ). 


If your board is too big and you’re too zoomed out needlessly:

I occasionally find myself sometimes building a board too large to start and end up at really low zooms (zoomed way out) and I’ll: unlock everything, select all, and resize everything considerably, then readjust/ double check that line width and shape strokes look ok ( as they are the only two things that don’t scale down in that event).



Happy imaging :)


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Wow! Thank you for that thoroughly explained and helpful response! 

I find that I am zoomed out way too much because new board users don’t get the option of zoom in and out and we use it for new clients  all the time and the navigation can be tough to teach. Today I’m trying to teach how to put an image in a frame for an exercise.. and it’s difficult to explain why the photo is so small! And how to find it, but your great explanation will help me quite a bit!!