How to prevent Visual Notes from opening automatically for guest editors

  • 4 March 2021
  • 2 replies

I’m using visual notes as part of an Onboarding icebreaker. They should not be opened until Step 6 of my icebreaker, yet when a Guest Editor first launches the board, the Visual Notes slide open even though I have NOT pinned them open. This defeats the purpose of my Icebreaker if they’re already open and showing Step 6, thus confusing the collaborator.

How do I prevent them from opening for guest editors when they first visit the board?

2 replies

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@Jodi Bennett - This is not currently an option. The behaviour appears to be: If new notes since last visit (would always be true for Guests entering the board for the first time), then open the Visual Notes pane. The next time they enter the board, it will not open (unless someone has added new notes).

As per the Visual Notes Help Center article, Miro is asking for feedback by clicking on the emoji icon and then typing in any feedback:


Thanks. Back to the drawing board. :rage: