How to pin an object in the board

  • 21 August 2020
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With large boards it’s becoming harder to navigate on it. You can create a map of objects and link them to different frames in the board, but how to make it always visible? So it does not scroll with the board? The idea is an easy access to the board sections, so making it to scroll does not help


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Hi @Mohy, have you tried the Pin Map feature in Miro? This might help navigate a busy board more quickly, and is an alternative to using a Table of Contents. Check out this Loom video to see:

Of course a limitation here is knowing your own board by it’s shape and outline, so this is not great to tell new or infrequent users where to go.

If you do want to have a Table of Contents set of links that are always available, I suggest using the Note function. See an example here:

Linking to objects gets pretty challenging if they are grouped objects, and the links can get broken for a variety of reasons. There were a few good tips on ToCs in this post:

Hope that helps!


Thanks @Jonathan White. Notes feature is fine. I did not know about it, so will try it out. Your solution of table of content and allowing the view to go back focus in the table of content sounds interesting. I think this is what I will end up doing. I was hoping if there was a way to pin it in the screen all the time.

@Mohy Would love to be able to have an optional floating TOC on the board that locks into a corner, always visible.