How to move shapes or text instead of changing the size?

  • 9 October 2020
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Hey guys,

I am new to Miro and was wondering how you can move shapes and textboxes to a different place? When I try to do that it changes the size of the shape but does not move the object.


Would really appreciate your help.



Best answer by Robert Johnson 9 October 2020, 19:18

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6 replies

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@Raphaela Sinanovic - As long as your cursor is in select mode (and not drag mode, i.e., the hand), then you just click and drag the object:


You can quickly switch between  the select / drag cursor by using the V / H hotkeys. There are a number of Shortcuts and Hotkeys in Miro that, once learned and practiced, can have you zipping around a board like a pro!

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And if you’re using a mobile app, tap once to first select the object, then tap and drag:


Thank you Robert for your quick and helpful answer. I was actually in the select mode ( at least I believe so). I used the arrow to change the size of the form by dragging it bigger. When I was happy with the size, I could not move the shape, instead, I was still in the size-changing mode. Does that make sense? How can switch between adjusting sizes and moving?

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@Raphaela Sinanovic - You’re welcome :blush:

You should still be able to drag the object when it is in edit mode by clicking in the middle of it.

You can also exit edit mode by pressing Esc or clicking on an empty space on the board:


HI, I have this same question, (Using a laptop, mouse mode, with select toggled on. Have successfully selected a group of shapes and notes)

The group of shapes resizes rather than moving. 

The white arrows at the edges of the selected bounds are always two way arrows rather than cross hair arrows like one might expect. How do you achieve a  cross hair arrow, or move the group.


For example click and drag does not work as a set of instructions. The elements of the group resize instead.

Any basic instructions to take this forward? it’s an essential feature to use a board.


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@Art Handler - I suspect that you are clicking on the white circles to resize rather than clicking and dragging the object - e.g.:


And if you want the objects to remained grouped, so they will always move together (without having to select them first), use the the group objects feature: