How to I rotate a shape by a defined number of degrees?

  • 29 April 2024
  • 2 replies

Hi - I’d like to rotate a shape by 36 degrees exactly. I cant see how to do this or even see how much a shape is rotated by? Thanks!

2 replies

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My recommendation would be to use some kind of angle protractor/square and bevel like in art school or math class and just go manually. Check out the video. 

Maybe there is an APP in the Miro APP directory i am missing. 

Good luck @Lewis !

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This is totally cool!

One suggestion: I have my own private “support board” just to store icons, images, shapes, and things that I very frequently re-use. So that instead of re-creating the wheel, I can just “dip into my private stock” and pull up something quick.

I will definitely set up some predefined angles like this and store them in my support board!