How to edit user's account name?

  • 6 May 2021
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I recently added a new user to our Consulting subscription, and in the list of Active Users for our account I see that instead of her first and last name showing up as associated with her email address, it just says “Guest”. All of our other full-license users have the first and last names showing. Even though I am the Company Administrator for our Miro account, I can’t find a way to edit this so that her name will show up properly. How can I edit it?



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4 replies

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@Troy Helm - I am 99.9% sure the individual will need to login to their Miro account and update their profile name.


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Try it out for yourself. Change your profile name to "Santa Claus" and go back your users page. The only reason it may not work for you is if Miro decidrs to grab a billing or company admin name here. The account profile name is also what is displayed beside a signed in users cursor when your own a Miro board, so sometimes I change my name to "Rob (host)" or "Rob (facilitator)".

Thank you @Robert Johnson. I can edit my own profile, and I understand this user should be able to edit her’s, as well.


That’s unfortunate, since it’s the sort of basic thing that an Admin should be able to do. It will make a poor impression on a new Miro user in our firm who has better things to do with her time. But I appreciate your help.

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@Troy Helm - You’re welcome. Note that, because you did not create this person’s Miro account profile, and they can be a member of a number of teams, it is appropriate that you would not be able to update another Miro user’s account profile name. Perhaps what is missing here is the ability to alias a name.

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