How to change shapes transparency

  • 17 January 2022
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I just want a box with no color.  Basically to create a frame around some items.  Similar to the frame shape.  but I want to just use the shape I want and change the color of the inside to be transparent.


I am not looking for transparency options for images.

6 replies

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@Oshun Jones -

Unless I’m missing your ask, you can change the opacity of a shape’s color - see below.


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Help Center article:

Hmmm. Must’ve been a template that made the shapes include the color.   I could not get the color to disappear.  But now that I try it...the shapes don’t have a  background color (i.e., transparency = 100 or Opaque = 0).


Thanks for not giving me a hard time for such a basic request!

I don’t specifically like this article because there is no demonstration of changing the shape from having a background color to being completely transparent…..but yeah.  This is the article that should have helped me out.

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@Oshun Jones - This is the action that I use quite often to remove the transparency:


Here’s a GIF for Miro’s Help Center article :slight_smile:


Exactly what my initial thought was.   i think a template I was using to create shapes just removed that ability.  That’s what i tried initially to remove the background color