How does Miro enhance your Zoom meetings?

  • 12 January 2021
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Hey Community!

Brad from Miro here. I need a small Favor:

Sometime in the next month or two, Zoom is going to release a new Zapp that will give access to Miro from within Zoom. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we’d like to be prepared with some quotes from users about your experience in using Miro during Zoom meetings. So if you regularly use Zoom and Miro together, could you answer one of these questions for me?

  1. Why is it a no-brainer that you should use Miro while you’re meeting with your team on Zoom?
  2. What are some unique ways you’ve used Miro to make Zoom meetings more engaging?

If you’re not comfortable answering in this thread, please email me at If we like you’re quote, we may use it on a landing page, press release, or other marketing asset.

Thank you!

1 reply

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@Brad Sanzenbacher -

  1. You never know when inspiration (or a decision to be made!) strikes within your team. Rather than using the basic collaboration features of Zoom, Miro is a much richer method of supporting brainwriting/storming, getting real shared understanding of a complex concept or just having a quick ice breaker or energizer to boost team morale.
  2. Three ways are: assessing team morale with a Miro-based informal survey, doing a quick retrospective at the end of the meeting to see how things went, and using the timer to make sure everyone knows when it is time to get back from a break.