How do I turn off change highlights?

  • 27 April 2020
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Hi there,

New to Miro. I’ve created a board that I want to share in a training course tomorrow. I’ve prebuilt all my content. When I share the board, it shows everything highlighted as updated by me. The issue I have is that this is the first time people are seeing it, so they don’t need to see what’s changed.

Is there a way I can turn this “feature” off?


13 replies

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Hi @Darn Clever ,

this could be a way to handle it:

Let me know if this had helped you.


Hi @Darn Clever ,

this could be a way to handle it:

Let me know if this had helped you.


Hi, I have the same problem, It is really confusing for the participants of workshops, to have all the elements of the board highlighted, with my name and detail of when it was updated. Is there any option that I could disable to don’t show this?

BTW, I checked your link and unfortunately, it's not a solution for this matter

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@Darn Clever and @Nestor Jesus Zegarra Cavero -

one possible workaround (not sure if it WILL work or not) would be to backup the board to an external RTB file, delete the original one and then restore it from the backup file before you share it. As it is a restored board and not a built-up board it is possible that might get around the highlighting of updates.


Hi Kiron. 

Thanks for your advice, I will try your solution. Nevertheless, maybe this is a chance for an improvement for MIRO.


Thanks 🙋🏽‍♂️



There must be a way.  I am in a meeting now where I see how long ago every note was added, but my I see my colleague’s screen from a WebEx meeting on another screen and his looks fine.  I can’t turn it off.  It is a big disappointment. 

+1 to this

This is an extraordinarily annoying distraction for users on the board - keeping history of who made what changes is totally secondary to the primary experience of the board - this should be turned off by default!

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@Devon Larson - There is a way to turn it off at the board level, but it only applies to the user who completes the action.

There is more information on this in the Activity List help article.

Here’s where you can turn it off for yourself:


And then you can toggle the setting:



Is there any way to “Hide changes highlighting” for new users when adding them? I am adding a group of individuals who are not familiar with Miro and I’m hoping to have changes highlighting as the default. 


Thanks for your help!

Hi - any update on the issue above? It is really confusing for casual users to find things on the board highlighted when they first arrive. And it makes the board look terrible. Thanks!

Yeah I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked:
“Can you see that ‘hide highlighted changes’ button at the bottom of your screen? No, the bottom. No, not there. Lower. Down. At the bottom. The other bottom. Yes that one. Click that.”

Participant: “Ooooooooh”

Same problem on the mini “wizard” that appears on the right for a new user. Same issue as above but have to ask them to look for the “No, thanks” button.

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@Phil Smithson - Please add your vote to the following Wish List Idea for "configuring board defaults" where I added disabling highlights to the list:

Done, thank you!


I found a way, command + A, select all, and click the space area, all the highlight would be gone.