How do I move a board from a trial to a Team account?

  • 28 April 2020
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It does not give me the option to move boards in the trial account.


Best answer by Isman Tanuri 30 April 2020, 15:16

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There's a workaround that I discovered:

  • Add both accounts into the Desktop app.
  • Go to the board that you'd like to move.
  • Assign it to the other Account.

[New advice]

  • In your Main account, share a board to your Second Account
  • Both accounts should appear in the desktop app

I've done that before, all the best!

Hi @Isman Tanuri 


Where do I add the second account to my destop app?




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Hi @I Weigel I have modified my advice above. I hope that helps!

Hi @Isman Tanuri 

I have now both Teams in the App, but I still cannot move the board from the free account to my consultant account. 

Neither can I change the board ownership.

So, I still don’t know how to move it.


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Hi @I Weigel not an easy one to explain. In the desktop app, you can see a list of your boards. The options menu will appear if you click on the ellipses that look like below. You can use the "Move to Account".



Hi @Isman Tanuri 

I don’t have the option. I guess that’s not possible in the free account. Neither can I create a backup. 

I have shared my board with my consultant account. 

I appreciate your help!