How do I make it impossible to edit a Miroboard (for everyone, including the owner)?

  • 16 January 2022
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For my university project I kept a logbook of my process in Miro. At the end of the semester I have to deliver this logbook. When I tried to download my Miroboard in pdf-form, many pictures became unreadable. This is why I would like to keep my logbook as a Miroboard, but make it impossible to edit/clearly show when someone last worked on it (otherwise my coach won't accept it as a deliverable). 

Is there any way to do this? 

4 replies

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@Kira Geluk - You won't be able to make a Miro board view-only for the owner.

What you could do is create a new email address, create a Miro account using that email address, add that email address/account as a team member, transfer ownership of the board to the new user, set the board's team--and if required, public--access to view-only, change the password of the newly created Miro account to some random string of characters (not writing it down or saving it anywhere), and then delete that email address from the source, e.g., it you created a new Gmail address, login to that Google/Gmail account and delete it.

Now you won't be able to edit the Miro board and you won't be able to use the "forgot your password" feature at Miro because the new email address no longer exists.

Finally, if you ever need to take back ownership of the Baird, a Team Admin can delete owner from the team and make you the owner of all boards created by the deleted user. 

Hi, I am the coach I think. Just a thought: what if you add the coaches’ email address to the team, change the board’s team access to view-only and then make the coach the new owner? I’ll check this potential solution with my peers as well.

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@Maurits Willemen -

That approach would work if @Kira Geluk were to change the ownership of the board to you and then you made it view-only for everyone except for yourself.


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And if you want to meet the original requirements of “for everyone, including the owner”, then follow my instructions :relaxed: