How do I delete a single object?

  • 9 June 2020
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I am just starting out with Miro, and evaluating this for potential use by my team and others.  I am struggling with some basic features though.  I want to simply delete an object from the board.  I am surprised that this is not accomplished with the delete, backspace, or escape keys, nor is it covered in any of the tutorials, articles, community posts that I’ve seen so far.  It seems like a pretty basic feature.  I am sure it is something obvious that I am missing.


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@cgem -

How are you accessing Miro? My normal method is via the web app using Google Chrome on a Windows PC and my standard methods of deleting are selecting an object using the arrow cursor (not the hand) and hitting the Delete key. You can also use the Delete option from the right-mouse button menu.

The same works via the Miro app on my Windows PC…


Thanks, I eventually found my way into the Edit mode.  It seems to delete the object, you must select it, then select Edit, and then you can delete it.  FWIW, I have been using the Miro app on Win10 PC, although I’ve also been trying out the browser interface.

Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous. Pressing the delete/backspace key should delete an object, no questions asked. I’ll also add that box selection is also unintuitive. If you guys want people to use your product, you need to make it usable. Please consider copying the interactions of other popular products like photoshop