How can I add Visio diagrams integrated on Miro board?

  • 28 January 2021
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The Miro process flow is not as rich as Visio 2010 9or higher is) so we still use Visio for lot of process mapping work - how can we integrate Visio in Miro?

10 replies

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Hi @dharmesh akotiya,

There’s no integration with Visio as of yet, so now you can only upload the images from Visio to the Miro board. 

There’s already a Wish List item about Visio integration - Feel free to upvote it :relaxed:

Hi Marina - is a Visio integration on the backlog at all? 

This is apparently a feature now.

  1. Click More Tools (the » icon)
  2. Select Diagramming
  3. Click the Down-arrow next to the word Diagramming on the top left
  4. Drag/choose your .vsdx file

Hope this helps some folks.

Hi Matthew 

I don’t see a drop down menu next to diagramming.


Hi Matthew 

I don’t see a drop down menu next to diagramming.




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Note: Some diagram packs are only available for Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plans:


More on this here:

@Matthew Bright

I figured my consultant subscription would work. I do NOT get the dropdown i’m the diagramming toolbar as well. Any update on this?

I’d also like an update on this, as this will be a requirement for my team to use this tool.  Which license will we need in order to use this feature?

Didin’t work for me. :(

That worked and surprisingly the diagram in miro looks ok now. First few times it did not produce usable diagram but I noticed that now it is better.