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Hi, we primarily use Miro for process improvement kaizen events.  We do a lot of process mapping and swim lane maps.  It would be nice to be able to import and export Visio since the Visio mapping tools are much more robust.  Either that, or a tool similar to the new Kaizen where you can easily add rows and columns.  

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It would be great to have this integration if for no other reason that Visio is still one of the most popular industry standards for diagramming software. I’m having a very hard time convincing my company to make the switch to Miro because they are too entrenched in Visio and with no way of importing/exporting between the two, it is unlikely that they will make the jump.

Echo this - at the very least, a one-way import facility to bring the Visio diagrams in as editable objects.  Loss of features such as layers would be understandable.

We are also unlikely to drop Visio without the ability to bring in the existing catalogue of diagrams.

There is a Miro format with a file extension of .rtb that you can export to and import from in the Miro application.  If you open it up it contains all the images and a set of JSON documents that represent the canvas.  I have been looking for a tool that can do a conversion between that and Visio but haven’t found one yet.  That could be an option if found (or someone wanted to start an open-source project)

Agree - we need Viso import AND export

Echo all of the above - especially being able to copy objects from Miro into Visio.

In order for Visio diagrams to be be imported into Miro, there must be a mapping of icons and shapes.

For example, is there an equivalent icon in Miro that could represent of the Document shape in Visio on the Web’s flow diagram tool? 

So, if Miro is tied to allowing importing and exporting of Visio files, it must somehow mirror all of Visio’s diagram features. If Miro is mirroring Visio’s features, then it is less free to ‘think differently’. So, import and export of Visio files would be handy, but if it hampers the progress of Miro, I’d be happy to drop integration with Visio in favour of freeing Miro to solve problems the best way it can.

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agree with the above, we use LucidCharts which can import/export Visio, would be great to be able to move all this to Miro...

Also agree with the comments here - first question about using Miro instead of Visio is can I export from Visio to Miro? We need an import and export from Visio. No one wants to recreate long workflows in multiple tools so decisions have to be made and when it comes to workflows, it’s going to go to Visio if there’s no way to integrate.  

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As far as I can tell Miro does not support any file type that LucidChart or Visio can export.  Folks at Miro, do you have Visio import on your roadmap? Date for release?

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Have y’all seen Jon White’s Cross Functional Flowchart in the MiroVerse?  In case you haven’t.  


Alternatively, I’d take SVG import…

yes, we need it to create concept for product.