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  • 27 May 2020
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Can different teams of people work on different areas of a board simultaneously....and how do they talk to each other within their groups?


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Yes, @Mark Thomson, it's an infinity board so you can create dedicated spaces (see below) for each group to work on. 

For group communication, you can have people placed in video conferencing breakout rooms. Zoom has a great feature for this.

Otherwise, using Jitsi is an option as per image below alongside Miro's video chat feature.


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That is an awesome feature idea…! 

I know teams have succeeded in doing this multi-location simultaneous edit and chat with zoom break out groups.


Considerations for success:

  • Diagram the visual / spatial flow of the meeting and present it at the outset of meeting
    • ex: “Break out groups will be these groups of people and will be located in these locations on the board, then ...”
  • Have a Miro-competent lead( or two ) for each break out who is ready to ‘share screen’ in Zoom and guide each breakout. 
  • For deeper, edit-level collaboration, make sure ‘collaborators cursors’ are visible (see below) and someone can guide you through the process.
  • Cross-pollination…? Do the forks in the meeting road reunite only once…? 



I tend to think of remote Miro participation in these manners -- and it changes how I think about meeting design and how to select appropriate Miro features. 

  • Watch me present:
    • watching through external video conferencing tool 
    • verbally communicate
    • edit nothing
    • maybe a cursor point by a participant to orient their feedback (see below for visualizing cursors)
  • Watch and light interact:
    • still likely watching through external video conferencing tool
    • interaction limited features of Miro (vote, comment, chat, notes). 
    • these interactions have to be setup and tested before a high stakes meeting. 
  • Watch and edit-level interact / Casual Collaborators
    • likely flipping between ext. vid conf tool and miro board following audio of meeting and presenter’s visualized cursor. 
    • often a person’s first edit a board experience 
    • these interactions require a Miro-on-boarding warm up at the meeting outset. Miro > accounts > basic UI > first creations > orientation to the meeting board, agenda, and editorial guidelines. 
      • This is a perfect place to also onboard a person to the Miro video conf tool.  
    • sometimes this can be someone following the conversation and dropping comments and extra thoughts on to the board.  
    • two monitors for both collaborators is useful here
  • Deep Collaborator: Dive in to Miro board in edit mode while talking over phone/conference call… the visualization of ‘collaborators cursors’ and some relative position direction mentions (e.g “up to the left of ___”) 
    • at this level of engagement and knowledge of video conf its fair to imagine using miro’s video tool. 

All you need to do is have a visual sharer



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Also this thread is pretty identical to this one:

Hi guys,


That’s great. Thanks so much for your help. 

We deliver online innovation workshops (that were F2F pre-COVID) so this is very helpful indeed.


Hope you’re all safe and well, where ever you are!