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  • 2 November 2021
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Hello, I am a teacher and am looking to use Miro in my class so students can work collaboratively with their teams on a few whiteboard activities. I set up 9 boards, one for each team, and sent an invitation link out to the class asking them to follow the link to the space I created and then find and work on their board. I see they are all active users and I seem to have the proper permissions; however, they can only view and not edit the boards. Can you help?

3 replies

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@Patricia Sigler - We have chatted before. As I recall, you have the Education Plan, so the issue shouldn't be related to the board's being restricted to view-only once you have created more than three boards. 

If your need is for each student to only see and edit their own board, open the board's Share settings, add the student's email address:


If you have already done this, you can modify the share settings for the student (or remove them altogether) from here:


And to hide the board from the rest of the students/team members, set the team access to "No access":


Hello Robert,

Yes, I remember you! I do have the Education Plan.

I am a bit confused. I sent an invitation link out to everyone and set up the permissions to allow editing (I think). I set up one board for each team ahead of time. Are you saying I should not go to each board and give each student on that team the proper permissions? Also, I have 45 students and 9 teams. Am I over the limit?

You were kind enough to set up a Zoom meeting last time. Are you available to meet over Zoom again? 


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@Patricia Sigler - My spouse and I are expecting our first baby any day now (today is the due date!), so I have been swamped with work during the day and last minute baby prep anytime I am not working.

Hopefully someone else can jump in here to help provide clarity.

You can also open a Miro support ticket here.

Members on your Miro Education Plan team

You can see your active users/members on this screen:


Then, if you wanted to your “group” of students (I am using group rather than “team” as people may think Miro “team” rather than a group of people) to only be able to access their board, you could either:

  1. Create a Project for group of users, add the board to the project, and then add the users to the project, and set the project to be hidden for the rest of your team members/users:


  2. And if you don’t want to user projects, you would need to open each of the nine boards and add every user/member to the board and give them edit access.

I hope this helps!