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  • 16 February 2024
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Longtime Miro user. For the first time in a while, I’m exporting to pdf and I cannot find the file. Searches of help and the community say that the file should be where my browser downloads are, and this is where I’ve found them in the past. It is not there. The csv of the board can be exported and found in the downloads folder but not the pdf of the board. Have tried several times and even copied a subset of the board to a new board and tried that. Nothing.

Help would be greatly appreciated!



4 replies

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I’ve tried with Chrome and Safari on Mac as well. I created the board and am the owner and all sharing settings seem to be ok.

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@David Culton - How are initiating the PDF export? E.g.,

  1. Export this board → Save as image (Vector) or Save as PDF
  2. Or by selecting frames → Export as image → Vector

Do you even see a download start? I ask as there were reports a few weeks ago of a few people trying to start a PDF export, but it never actually started.

Something to check/try in Chrome:


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Export>Save as PDF

I did choose the best quality option as I’m sharing output with a client. Yes, the download seems to start (the wheel spins) and last about as long as it has in the past when it worked. I’ve toggled on the ask where to save button as you suggest and the other settings are correct. Interestingly, it did NOT ask where to save the pdf.

My next step is to try a restart/different computer.

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Tried it on another computer and noticed that there was a popup blocker and allowing that for Miro seemed to do it; was able to get the PDF and all is good. Thanks for your help