has anyone tried embedding airtable spreadsheet into Miro board?

  • 21 July 2021
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If yes, could you share your experience?

Any performance issues?

1 reply

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Hi Sikandar PF,

Other users will probably add more personal feedback, but I’ll just provide some general information on this topic. 

The current implementation of our integration only allows for one-way data upload - from Miro to Airtable. You can embed your Miro boards in Airtable as blocks, but not vice versa. You can learn more about how the integration works in this Help article.

As a workaround, you can generate a shared base link of your Airtable base and embed it to an existing Miro board using the iFrame Embed widget. After that, your base will be embedded into Miro in a read-only mode. You can also upload an exported .csv Airtable spreadsheet to your board or paste stickies from spreadsheets.

Hope this helps !