Figma plugin not working

  • 21 December 2021
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Hi the Figma plugin doesn’t work. Can you help?

10 replies

Hi Patrick!

Sorry to hear that the Figma plugin is not working for you. :frowning2: Can you kindly provide more information regarding the issue or provide a screenshot? Also can you verify that you have followed the steps as indicated on this article


I hope this helps! I look forward to your reply! :blush:

All the best,

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Hi @Patrick Hoban - do you have any additional information you can provide so we can help unblock? Thanks!

@Steven Chang @Yadira Hi, I am having issues with my miro plugin within Figma. 

No boards are loading in the list, and I’m getting ‘Unkown error has occured’

Please help, thanks



Hi @Anthony Spano, Its very hard to tell what has gone wrong from the screenshot. Can you please send the console screenshot from your Desktop Figma app to Here are the instruction to open console:
1. Click on Plugins > Development > Open Console
2. Run the plugin and load the boards again.
3. If the error occurs, please take the screenshot of the console.

Hi @Inderjit Singh here is screenshot with console open. is still happening.


Hi Anthony, Sorry for not being clear about what part of the console I wanted to check. Its bit confusing since there are two ‘console’s. In the step 3, I want to see the console part highlighted in the image below. If you click on that, you will be able to see many errors. 


Also not working for me.
I have installed the plugin, logged in to Miro but I am unable to ‘Select a team’. The drop down menu is frozen.



hi my Miro Figma plugin is not working. When I click Miro option from the plugin menu, it’s keep loading and not able to show the operation dialogue.


I have the same issue, with the loading screen not stop loading. any idea how it can be resolved? 


I have the same issue, just get the loading spinner when I run the Miro Plugin. 
Below is the readout on the Developer Console