Duplicate board with the click of a button

  • 21 January 2021
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Hey! Is it possible start a duplication process for a board / template, through the click on a button? 

We are giving training, where participants get access to a set of premade templates in Miro. I would love to list those templates on the course dashboard and give participants the opportunity to quickly duplicate the board to their accounts. 

Is this possible by setting some parameters in the URL?

3 replies

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@Daniel Wirtz -

if they are currently in the board, the simplest method to duplicate the full board would be to click on the name of the board itself in the top left of the Miro view and then select duplicate. 


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Hey @Kiron Bondale, thanks for the quick answer.

I’m aware that this is an option, but not what I’m exactly looking for. It would be nice if I could create something like the “Use this template”-button in Miroverse.

That would be super helpful for participants, to quickly duplicate a page and start working in it immediately. 

@Daniel Wirtz I found this today—miro’s own site with a button that allows users to duplicate or add frames to an existing board, seemingly automatically.


I can’t quite figure out how to reverse engineer it, but if you do, please let me know!