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Hi, I’ve been a Miro user for years. I’ve recently moved workplace and am in the process of setting up a non-profit account with my new charity email address. I want to move my boards across from my old account, but the old account has lapsed to a free account and the option to download board backups has gone.

Is there any other way to move boards across? I’m asking here as I can’t see anywhere else to ask!

Thanks in advance 😊

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@David Latham - If your Miro account profile is a member of both team spaces, you can move the boards from your Free Plan dashboard by:

  1. Right-clicking on the board (or using the ellipsis) and selecting → Move to team

That was easy – I guess I didn’t need the numbered list ;)

Move on moving boards here →

What if you don’t have the Move to team action?

Then you are not the board owner. However, in a Free Plan team, any member can duplicate a board, which will make them the owner of the new/duplicated board.

That should cover it, but let us know if you have any more questions!

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One other scenario worth noting…

If you need to give a copy of a Free Plan team board to someone, and they are not a member of your Free Plan team, AND you do not want to add them to the team, just

  1. set the board’s The Free Plan board’s visitor/public access to Anyone with the link → Can view
  2. send them a link to the board
  3. and tell them to click on the board’s title (top-left corner) and use the Duplicate action.

Test it with this board if you want →

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Hi @David Latham 

The super guru @Robert Johnson knows more about Miro than me, so try his approach!  What I have done from time to time is export a backup copy of a board and download it to my machine - it creates an “.rtb” file. Then I can upload this file.

A problem with this approach is that the files can be huge; in my case 30MB - 50MB - and that can present some file sharing challenges.

What I can’t say is whether this approach is available for all license types. I have an educator license, but maybe there are license types without this option?

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@Kenneth Ritley - Unfortunately, the download (and restore) board backup (.rtb) options are not available on Free Plan teams.

More on this here: