Different emojis - What is the real one?

  • 14 November 2020
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As I openend my miro board on my tablet i noticed that on my tablet the emojis are looking much mor better than on my PC.


That brought me to the question: What icon does any other user sees when I place an emoji on my board and why are they shown differently:

This is shown in my tablet:



This is from my PC:



Got a Radeon RX550 Graphic Card with 4 GB Ram. I cannot imagine that this card shows less details than my Samsung Tab S3 


Totally confused.



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Hi @mlanders,

Yeah, emojis usually look different on different OS, devices, apps. 

By the way, I often use the Emojipedia site, and if you are interested, there is also a section with all variations of one and the same emoji - for example,