deleting personal board

  • 2 February 2023
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I created a new personal board on my free plan.

And now there is no button “delete” like on the other boards.

How can I delete it?


6 replies

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@Mkrtichson - When did you create this team? I am seeing a few things that are not making sense to me, for example: A trash can (which most Free Plans don't usually even show), and no work "FREE" by the Miro logo, but you do have an upgrade button.

And when I see the label "PERSONAL" on the board icon, I'm not sure if this is some testing of rebranding "private" to "personal" or if the was a really old team that was at some time a Personal /Professional paid account and later downgraded to a Free Plan team. I am just confused 🤨

And when you switch your dashboard to list view, the owner is for sure you?

@Robert Johnson thank you for your reply.

I guess i had these two teams named “personal team” and “my team” since i registered an account years ago. They were given by default and I did not create them. And I did not upgrade the account.

”Personal team” does not have word “free” near the logo and shows the trash can.

And “my team” shows word “free” and does not show trash.

This “personal” board was created when i clicked the recently appeared button “new personal board”. And now there is no button “delete” for it (like other boards have).

And this board takes 1 of 3 given spots for free boards. And this is the problem.

List view shows that I am the owner.


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@Mkrtichson - Thanks for sharing these screenshots. I have never seen this configuration before. I suspect this was a (failed) experiment where the intent may have been to give people a “Personal Team” by default, and with a board intended to only been seen/used by the team owner -- maybe similar to a personal chat like in WhatsApp/Signal/Slack/etc.

I have asked some internal Mironeers to see if they can shed some light on this. I will post back when I hear something.

@Robert Johnson thanks for your effort.

I guess i was given an ability to create this “personal” board by mistake (bug).

Because I do not have this ability anymore (without upgrade).

And thus as far as I can not create such board neither can I delete it.

And it is stuck there in 1 of my 3 spots. :(


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I am sending you a private message. You can see it by  clicking on your avatar in this forum (top-right corner and then “Private messages” – or just go here →

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@Mkrtichson - Mystery solved by the support team. Their response about the “Personal Team” and “PERSONAL” board:

This is an old type of Free team from back around 2016 when all accounts were "personal", meaning you didn’t have a team, instead you could create boards and share them with guests, rather then add someone to your team and give them the ability to create boards of their own there.