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  • 9 March 2021
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I created a board with my colleagues in one team. I want to copy parts of this board to another team’s board. When I try to copy elements I always receive the error message "copying not allowed from previous board”. How to solve that?

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Best answer by Kiron Bondale 9 March 2021, 14:39

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Hey @Michael Spiller 

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Please have a look at this resource

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I just encountered this problem. I build some content on a shared board for the board owner. I wanted to copy my work onto my own board for future use. NOPE. But I can copy from my board onto someone else’s. 

Two ways forward: 

1. Right now, ask the other board owner to copy from their board onto my own board.  
2. In the future, create work on your own Miro board and then copy and paste into someone else’s.

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@Michael Spiller and @Robert Kienzle -

@Robert Johnson did a great write-up of Miro’s copy content permissions model here:


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Thanks for the shoutout, @Kiron Bondale.

@Michael Spiller - In addition to the link Kiron shared, here’s the official Help Center article: Board Content Settings.