Copy / paste multiple lines into one sticky note

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi all, I need to copy groupings of information on separate lines (similar to address labels) from a Word doc over to Miro as sticky notes. The information copies well (each “label” gets its own sticky), but the information for each sticky gets copied as a sentence (“Info1 Info2 Info3”) rather than line-return-line-return-line, like:


Is there any way to enable this information to import as separate lines within a sticky?

Thank you!

3 replies

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@Courtney - I am pasting from Word (desktop version) and other apps into a sticky note in Miro via Chrome and newlines are carrying over:


Have you tried Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V to paste as plain text?

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@Courtney -

I just tried to duplicate what you’d indicated and the line breaks are working fine for me. Are you copying and pasting the lines into individual sticky notes or are you using some other approach to importing them?


Thank you @Robert Johnson and @Kiron Bondale for the quick responses !

It looks like there was another issue going on. I was working in Safari and, although the problem began with line breaks not working, eventually Miro stopped allowing me to enter text into a sticky, and then stopped working entirely. 
I switched to Chrome and am back in business and able to paste - the copied line breaks are working now, too. 

However, I wanted to post another tip for folks who are looking to paste from Excel (a similar, but different project I am working on). If you need to gather information from multiple columns in Excel and have them paste and display in individual stickies with line breaks in Miro (again, the mailing addresses/contact informations are a good example: first name, last name, address), you can collate and add breaks in Excel with the (example) formula: =A2&CHAR(10)&B2&CHAR(10)&C2

Then you can paste that Excel column directly into Miro and it will create individual stickies for each “contact.” 
Hope this helps someone!