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  • 23 March 2020
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First, the FAQ states that when copying cells from a spreadsheet and pasting in Miro, each cell should appear as a individual post-it. It does not. As far as I am concerned, I get a single text box with each cell becoming a line of text.

Also, it seems impossible to simply select a few post-its and paste their content as a list / multiple cells in a word document / spreadsheet. While Miro is integrated in lots of other tools and this is great, not supporting this seemingly simple feature is a terrible waste of time (Mural supports it for example).

So, am I doing things wrong or is it really not possible?

(And don’t tell me that I need to export a CSV file, please… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Thanks in advance for the support




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Hey @Maxime Delavergne :hand_splayed_tone1:
It is actually possible to copy data from any spreadsheet and paste it on the board as a cluster of stickies - in all browsers exept for Internet Explorer. If you use another browser and there is still an issue, I’d recommend to contact our Support team.

As for the second case, you can select several stickies and export them as CSV. Thus, you will have each sticky note content in a separate cell.

Hope that helps!


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Hello Marina,


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, and as I said in my initial message, what you describe does not work (I am using Safari) and never did. So I will contact support.


As for the CSV export as a solution to copy in Miro - paste outside of Miro, well, I half- joked about not mentioning that as the solution because it is simply not acceptable, sorry. When using Miro to draft a list of elements and then transitioning to another tool, being able to simply copy-paste data (was in Mural which has done it for as long as I can remember) is precious, and having to go through a csv export is cumbersome as hell. Maybe the fact that using not only post-it but other kinds of containers makes it harder, but then again, it should also complexity csv export. So I don’t get why something as obvious as copy-paste just is not there. It has and will make me and my collaborators lose a ton of time, but apparently not a priority (or so I guess, since you did not provide any info about it, would have been more valuable).


thanks anyway


@Maxime Delavergne  is right.

Mural has had Copy Text for a LONG time.  Without downloading a .csv every single time to move text around between platforms.  You have to make these simple things work.


Hi Maxime,

I have had success copying and pasting cells to stickies using bulk mode.  Unfortunately it only works one cell at a time.

It would be nice to be able to import a spreadsheet and have Miro create one sticky per cell in a super-bulk mode.  Or maybe a bulleted list from an email, Word, PDF, or text editor.  Batch import of stickies is definitely needed!

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I just tried it with MS Excel on a Windows PC and Google Chrome-based access to Miro:

Am I missing something here?



@Kiron Bondale That worked for me, thanks!  Not sure why it didn’t work before.


I am still having the same problem as Maxime - if I try to copy-paste text from an Airtable sheet, it doesn’t copy as individual post-its but as a block of text.


I’m using Google Chrome.

Please help :)


@MissKyra *Note that if you're pasting 140+ characters, it will render in text boxes instead of stickies.

@Peter McIntosh I have been now copy-pasting content from Airtable to a Google spreadsheet and it works. A bit complicated though :)

I tried it using Bulk mode in the toolbar and it did not work for me. However, when I clicked where I wanted it on the canvas and pasted (control+V command+V) it worked with no problem.

Hi everyone, It is such a pity that MIRO doen’t have a function to copy Post-Its to Word format.

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Hi everyone, It is such a pity that MIRO doen’t have a function to copy Post-Its to Word format.

totally agree, this is a must have feature for adoption of the tool. 
Other tools on the market (your biggest competitor Mural) have a feature “copy as text” with allows you to paste the contents as plain text anywhere else.

I'll search for a feature request and if it does not exist i'll create one and link it to this thread.
Export to csv works but it is cumbersome to use.


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I have submitted an idea for this here. PLease vote for it if you find it useful as well.


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Hello everybody,

i normally use Mural and Miro, and sincerely it’s a huge limit in Miro that it’s not possible to select post-it and copy the contents as a text and past in word files, etc…. 

some times i work with 100 post-it and it’s a mess!!

in Miro i usually use the CSV export, but it’s very hard to define the right order of the contest present on the board….and it’s an incredible waste of time!

I hope also in miro will appear soon this feature, it’s a must!

thank you

Is this possible on iPad? I can’t find a way to do it.

i.e. many rows in a spreadsheet pasted as one new post-it per spreadsheet row.

I can’t get it to work on on Brave or Safari, or via the native iPad Miro app.

Please, let me know if you know a way! I’m away this weekend with only my iPad and no access to my Desktop machine.

Huge thanks! 🙏

I tried to PASTE from excel to Mirò but it does not work at all.

Previously it seemed to work. Is there any setting on the Chrome/Excel/Mirò setting that must be verified?


Dear Community

Hi, i! am new to Miro and I am following the Mrio academy and for ome reason I cannot copy or paste anything I have try several ways, several time I deleted and created a new board. Either uploading or basic Ctrl C, Ctrl V not working for some reason. 

I am a first time user. I do not get it. it is the simplest thing you could ever do on anything.

Why is not working !!!!!!

Again, thanks for your help

great workaround until we get this:

I am experiencing the same problem. When copying from Airtable it becomes a single block of text. Whatever I try wont fix it. 

Airtable wont paste in bulk mode of sticky notes it becomes a single text block.

airtable didn’t paste from one single coulm but when you select multiple it works