Copy Paste elements/objects from someone else's board (youtube V-MUG video) to my board

  • 25 July 2020
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I follow Miro on youtube and watch a lot of V-MUG videos.
I see a lot of good elements on their board.
when i try to copy and past the elements from their board onto my board, it does not work. (paste does not happen)

what am i doing wrong ?

what can i do if i want to use those elements on my board ?


Best answer by Rahil Ahmed 26 July 2020, 10:28

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8 replies

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@Rahil Ahmed -

Are you using the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V combination for the content from one board to the next?


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Hi @Kiron Bondale .  
i tried all 3 below options but failed unfortunately. 

  1. Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V combination
  2. right click copy paste
  3. chrome miro plugin. 

if you have another recommendation, i could try that and let you know, if that works. 

thanks for the help !! 



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@Rahil Ahmed -

Can you post the URL of the board you are trying to copy content from so that I can see if I have any luck?


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sure @Kiron Bondale . here it is.



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@Rahil Ahmed -

Because a number of elements are locked, I wasn’t able to select all the content in an area but was able to selectively copy & paste content using Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V using separate browser tabs in Google Chrome on a Windows 10 PC.

I was also able to do a Ctrl-A/Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V to copy the entire content of the board over to one of my boards.

Does copying and pasting work with any other two boards for you - even two of your own boards?


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hi @Kiron Bondale .

  1. I am using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 dell laptop.
  2. i am able to copy paste objects using ctrl+c and ctrl+v between 2 of my boards.
  3. I am not able to copy paste objects using ctrl-a, ctrl+c and ctrl+v between link i mentioned above to my board

what do you think, could be the difference ? why is that you may have these permissions and i dont ?



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hi @Kiron Bondale . thanks for helping out. 

i figured that, copy paste is not working from the chrome incognito . 

i was opening the other board in incognito mode. 

once i opened both the boards in the normal chrome browser in 2 different tabs (non incognito mode), i was able to copy paste the objects. 

thanks for helping me out. 

Anybody know how to do this on a tablet?

For example, on an iPad,if you take a screenshot of the right hand app and you have Miro on the left is there a way to paste the screenshot from the clipboard?


ahh. I see. Not possible yet: