Changing Members to non members

  • 10 August 2020
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It’s easy to delete users, turn non members to members, but how do i change a member back to a non member so they can comment and view boards only?


thank you


Best answer by Robert Johnson 10 August 2020, 18:47

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7 replies

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@Kim Dunkley To help is give you the best answer possible, can you first let us know which type of plan you have? (Free, Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, etc.).

Just the team plan


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Personally I have not managed a Team plan, but I believe that whomever manages the Billing (or is an Admin?) for the team will need to remove them from the plan as a paid member. On e they are removed, you can add them again as a Commenter or Viewer.

@Kiron Bondale Do you have experience with managing users in a Team Plan?

Thank you Rob - i was hoping i could just switch them from members to non members, without deleting them first :)

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You're welcome! I am a Viewer on a board for a Team Plan team that I am not a member of. Once I was added as a Commenter at the board level, the team showed up in my dashboard, but I only see and am able to access the board I was added to. 

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@Rob Johnson & @Kim Dunkley -

As far as I know, it is how @Rob Johnson  has described it. I am on the Consultant plan but when looking at a single team it should work the same way - you delete them from the team, and then add them back with a different access level.


Ok what a shame, it looks like it’s easy to start paying for someone but not to stop paying for someone :) Looks like I have to delete them and go back in and add them as Commenter on all applicable boards - long process :(