Changing Members to non members

  • 10 August 2020
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It’s easy to delete users, turn non members to members, but how do i change a member back to a non member so they can comment and view boards only?


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Best answer by Robert Johnson 10 August 2020, 18:47

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Ok what a shame, it looks like it’s easy to start paying for someone but not to stop paying for someone :) Looks like I have to delete them and go back in and add them as Commenter on all applicable boards - long process :(

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@Rob Johnson & @Kim Dunkley -

As far as I know, it is how @Rob Johnson  has described it. I am on the Consultant plan but when looking at a single team it should work the same way - you delete them from the team, and then add them back with a different access level.


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You're welcome! I am a Viewer on a board for a Team Plan team that I am not a member of. Once I was added as a Commenter at the board level, the team showed up in my dashboard, but I only see and am able to access the board I was added to. 

Thank you Rob - i was hoping i could just switch them from members to non members, without deleting them first :)

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Personally I have not managed a Team plan, but I believe that whomever manages the Billing (or is an Admin?) for the team will need to remove them from the plan as a paid member. On e they are removed, you can add them again as a Commenter or Viewer.

@Kiron Bondale Do you have experience with managing users in a Team Plan?

Just the team plan


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@Kim Dunkley To help is give you the best answer possible, can you first let us know which type of plan you have? (Free, Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, etc.).