Can't edit kanban cards from my phone

  • 5 August 2023
  • 1 reply

Hello. Lately I can't edit kanban cards from my phone, same goes for my team. It used to be possible. That is, I can duplicate cards, create new ones, but to get into the card, to write text inside the card - only from the desktop version of Miro. I can't do this on my phone. why is this so?
Has anyone run into this? Could the problem be that I currently have a free version of miro?

I'd be very grateful for the answers 🤗

1 reply

Hi Margo, I am having the same problem in the browser version lately. The only thing that helps is to reload the board. Not too helpful, if you have a session with your team to go through a bunch cards and edit them… Maybe this might push the issu again. Thanks for any answers!