Can people use sticky notes with comment only access?

  • 26 October 2020
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Does granting someone Comment access allow them to participate in a workshop and use sticky note? Or do I have to grant them Edit access to use the sticky notes function?


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@Kiri - If you want participants to be able to create sticky notes, then yes you will have to set the board’s share settings to Anyone with the link → Can edit.

When the public share settings are set to Can comment, the participants will only be able to create new comments or edit/delete their own comments. They will also be able to see ALL other comments on the board.

More on access rights in the following Help Center article → Access Rights and Board Ownership

Hi team,

We are running sessions in Miro at the moment and are bumping up against this and it’s causing difficulties and resistance to using Miro :-( [not least because a competitor product (Mural) permits this].

We do not want all and sundry to have Edit rights - but we do want their contributions. 

Comments are insufficient for two reasons:

1/ they are tiny when collapsed and on a busy board are lost but more importantly

2/ commenting implies commenting ON something - what happens if the something is missing from the board and the guest wants to add it?

Reviewing miro articles today has not indicated to me that this topic has been resolved.

What is the current state?

Is the ability for guests to add sticky notes being added to the Commenter role?



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@Lyall Shapiro -

Unfortunately not, but one of the reasons for this is that it would be a bit challenging to do so without also providing the ability to limit the behavior of sticky notes for such lower access users. Right now, when you create a sticky note, you are able to create connection lines from it or transform it into a different object. That is why the edit ability provides full access.

There is a similar existing wish list idea here which you could upvote: