Can I be part of multiple teams with a free plan?

  • 13 April 2021
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I originally signed up as part of a team (which I am not the admin of) and would like to create my own team.  It says I have to leave my current team to create my own team unless I upgrade.  So if I leave my team, create my own board, would I be able to rejoin my old team?  To go along with this, it says on a FAQ page that you can be part of multiple teams.  Is that not available if you have a free account?  


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@Cara Burton - Yes. Leave the old team at which point Miro will see that you don’t belong to any teams and prompt you to create your own Free Plan team. Once done, as someone on the old team to add you back.

For example, here is a screenshot of a Miro account profile (email address) that is a member of two Free Plan teams - one created by the user at time of sign up and another they were invited to later: