Bug - Undo button not working, copy and paste not working

  • 29 July 2021
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Occasionally, the undo button is just not there and Command Z does not work.

Also occasionally copy and paste does not work

Also, occasionally you can’t bring people to you

Finally, sometimes work just disappears.

These issues are not caused by a change in my role on the board, they just stop working mid workshop.

Miro is a great tool but these things are annoying. Why do these fairly basic bugs appear on the app and on chrome?


5 replies

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@Steve McKenna -

I haven’t experienced this type of inconsistent behavior myself over the past year and a quarter of using Miro almost daily but if you find that it is becoming a reproducible issue then I’d recommend recording a Loom video (or similar capture) of it and contacting Miro support here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


Seen this also and also occurs in a disastrous way when pasting too much text into a text box causing MIRO to remove text then not being able to restore unless you have a backup copy of the board that you can go and get the text from.


Also Undo button does not work at all when making edits in the Text Box.


So #1 if you inadvertently exceed the text box limit by pasting into it you cannot in most cases undo the action after Miro trims and removes text at it’s own discretion.


#2 when adding text and then you hit undo it undoes the previous operation not the text added and sometimes will remove all of the current added text sometimes not but when hitting redo  the button may or may not be available and does not always redo what was just removed.


Thank you


Thanks to an undo inconsistency, I just lost 1 hour of intense work. A whole text box was erased, and I cannot undo it.

I went looking in the “Board History” option, and there were a bunch of other inconsistencies: Text boxes deleted weeks ago were back in the board, actions taken long ago were presented as recent, etc.


Takeaway: the undo feature is inconsistent: watch out for long work hours without backup...

+1 to inconsistent undo functionality. Occasionally (enough to be a problem), I will paste something on the page, it lands somewhere I don’t like, so I try to undo, but the pasted content remains. If I keep hitting undo, Miro starts undoing things prior to my pasting, yet the pasted content remains. I have to manually delete it.