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  • 1 July 2020
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Hello, I am a new user and trying to replicate the look of the icebreaker activity that shows up in  There is an opaque “shape” or “frame” with sticky notes inside it. I do not really understand the organization or hierarchies [or even vocabulary] yet — but I must accelerate quickly! — and so I cannot tell if the object on which the stickers are sitting is a frame, shape or something else. 

If there is any documentation anywhere about the basic organization of Miro, I’d welcome knowing that too. Is the entire “space” of a miro project 1 “board”? 1 whiteboard with as many boards as you’d like?? This is new to me, so thanks for patience with the basics.


One more basic question for use on a desktop with a touchpad. Moving around is not intuitive either, at least yet. Is there a tutorial on this? To say this is frustrating doesn’t really get at the emotion... 



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@Amy -

The hierarchy is:

  • Teams (if you are on the Consultant or Enterprise plans)
    • Projects
      • Boards
        • Frames
          • Shapes and objects on the board - either within or outside of Frames

Frames provide a convenient way to contain a group of objects as you can move to the frame to move all the objects, you can access the Frame panel to navigate between frames on your board and you can export to a PDF which will do one page per frame. Their use is not mandatory.

I don’t use my touchpad with Miro - I prefer mouse navigation, however, the info on touchpad usage is here: