Aren't you missing better diagrams like SmartArt or infographics for a more polished presentation?

  • 17 March 2021
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Hello community,

I’m a heavy miro users and love it. It’s perfect for collaboration and the templates are great.

However, I miss proper diagrams for a more polished and final presentations of the ideas. Something like Microsoft SmartArt or Infographics diagrams.

Don’t get me wrong. I build my own with miro to solve this problem. See below, aren’t them AWESOME?


However, creating these diagrams is time consuming and all in all I want be focused on the discussions and collaboration with my teammates rather than creating these diagrams.


I was thinking about creating an app where users could select from existing templates grouped from several categories and add these smartart diagrams into the board. But before moving forward, I’d like to learn more from the community whether this is a pain point for you as well.


Couple questions:

  1. Do you have the same painpoint?
  2. Would you pay for using this app (like, $49 per year to have unlimited access to hundreds diagrams, customization of color/fonts/etc)? 


Any thoughts and feedback will be welcome! Also if you’re interested in being an early adopter and beta tester, please reach me out by email:

4 replies


@Rej Vieira yes, I have the same pain points. After collaborating and putting together the ideas on the board, it’s always painful and time consuming to summarize with a sleek design.

Miro isn’t a presentation tool, but turns out we users use it for presenting the ideas all the time. Having ways to drop into the board cool SmartArts and diagrams is a must. Also it would save me dozens or hours trying to design them (well I’m not a designer, so my diagrams attempts look awful/bland).


$49 per year (for my entire org) for hundreds of cool looking diagrams sounds about right, given it is a tiny fraction of what we’re paying for miro.


Count me in, I want to be an early adopter! I’ll reach you out by email.

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Thank you everyone that got in touch with me via email. I appreciate your input and feedback. I’ll definitely move forward and start working on a MVP/POC. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime, please reach me out by email:

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@Rej Vieira :

I’m also interested in your diagrams.

How close are you for releasing it?

I’m sure that many of the community would like to know more details.


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@mlanders thanks for getting back to me. Up to this point I was collecting feedback and understanding the painpoints from the community members. So far I got input by email from a couple dozen of engaged community members which validates my hypothesis that this is a real pain point and a gap in the Miro feature set.

From now on, I’ll spend a few weeks investigating the technical bits and pieces and what can be done with Miro’s developement APIs/SDK. I need to validate even if it is possible to solve this problem with an app for Miro.

I’ll try to work on a POC and share here with the community when I have something basic in place to get additional feedback.

Does that make sense?