Are there pre-made layouts?

  • 23 October 2020
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I just purchased Miro for a few team members and we may expand to our larger team.  I hate to even bring up a competitor in the forums, but it’s the quickest way to get to my question, so here goes.  In Mural, there are two things that are incredibly appealing; 1) the Frameworks and 2) the Content Library.  From what i can tell, the Frameworks are a series of pre-made layouts for various things including grids, calendars, storyboards, etc.  They are not templates.  You just drag them in and use them, rather than create all the pieces from scratch on your own.  The Content Library seems to be a place where you can drop assets and have them at the ready. 


Does Miro have these two features, in one way or another?  I’m aware of workarounds that could make that work (create stuff in Illustrator and upload them as needed, etc) but i dont see them fully baked like in Mural.  

Ultimately, I do like Mural, but before i recommend a larger purpose for the organization, I’ll keep researching the nuances.

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Hi @seth pearsoll ,


first a big welcome here in the miro-community!

Two things come into my mind.

You can use Miroverse or the template section:

Even miro itself gives you options for adding templates that aren’t on the website:


Each and every element could be copied into your own board and you can create your own template library so you have every element you need with one mouseclick: