Anyone else noticing some sticky notes are slanted/crooked?

  • 24 November 2020
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I will start by saying that I am aware of some styling being applied to sticky notes in order to make them seem a little more natural. However, as of today, some of my sticky notes appear to be slanted/crooked (to the right in my case). Maybe this was always the case and I was just sitting a little different in my chair than I usually do.

This appears to be happening for me in both the latest Windows 10 64-bit desktop app and Chrome browser.

I just noticed this on one of my boards with some sticky notes from months ago. I also noticed it on some newly created sticky notes.

Here is one I created today:


And here is the same sticky note changed to orange and over top of a red sicky that I created on Nov 19 - both are set to a size of medium:


Is anyone else noticing this? If this was intentional, I will probably be submitting feedback to Miro to please curb their sticky note realism algorithm :wink:


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2 replies

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Now that you mention it, I see it. But without a mention I don’t think I would have. But now that you did, I notice there isn’t a rotate sticky feature (like there is on Jamboard, and maybe the only feature there that I wish I had here.)

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An internal Miro resource has confirmed that this behaviour is intentional and part of their strategy to make sticky notes appear more “real”.