Adding structured text to Stickies

  • 1 November 2020
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I am in the process of collecting possible courses for employees. I’d like to add for every course pill some information including price, link, trainer, etc.
I’m doing the trainer and prices with tags, but I want to add extra structured information on the sticker (title, description, duration, etc.)


I want to do with stickies, and let people define and build their career path.

How can I format differently Stickies?


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@Francesco Mondora - 

the only choices for sticky notes are tags, emojis, comments and different typefaces. Some combination of those would allow you to create a taxonomy of different choices.


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@Francesco Mondora  - As @Kiron Bondale mentioned, sticky notes are fairly limited in their options.

If you do want a few more options, and depending on your post-course selection workflow, there are also Cards.

You can add more details within the card and (most of) those details are also visible once you zoom in on the card:


You can also move cards in a Kanban board as a way to move an item through a process flow (Cards also allow for more formatting options):


And you can assign a date that appears on the outside of the card, e.g., course start date, employee target completion date:


Whichever object you use, if you haven’t ran into this limitation on your own yet, I’ll point out that you can only add a maximum of 8 tags to a single: