Turn Sticky Notes 45 degrees 'Toggle'

  • 22 September 2020
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We just completed an “Event Storming” workshop using Miro to facilitate the activity remotely. One of the practices is to turn sticky notes 45 degrees to indicate something is wrong without knowing exactly what is wrong. This serves as identification of what might need refinement, more discussion. This is not full on ‘rotate’ - in my mind it’s a quick tap to toggle back and forth between turned and square. Colors are used for other purposes, emojis are a bit small - maybe there’s another existing feature that would work well.

5 replies

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@George Henry - Have you tired using tags? There are a few benefits

  1. They are searchable; and
  2. they export when you select stickies and use the Export to CSV (excel) option.



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I’ll try it out in our next workshop.

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@George Henry -

Have you tried morphing the sticky into a diamond shape? If you do that it will retain the text and the color and you can always morph it back into a sticky note after if required. 


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@Kiron Bondale - Good call! I did note that the text didn’t carry over too well in the diamond shape (as in a I had to click-and-drag to make the sticky bigger), so I tried a rectangle:


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This (tags) or simply changing the sticky note background color seems like the most efficient solution, but I know we all like to do things in certain ways.  ;)