Tool for online quizzes for teaching

  • 4 April 2020
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it would be great if there would be an integration of a quizz-tool to create online quizzes for teaching.

It should give the ability for me and the clients to see what answer was right or wrong and different kind of questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in blank
  • Short Answer
  • True / False

And additonaly I should be able to give points to answers for instance 15 points for answer where 3 out of 5 are correct (for each correct answer 5 points)

It should give me also the ability to set a time for the quizz and that a user can’t go to refresh to start the quizz again ...

And as top Feature:
After the quizz is done the ability to get out a pdf-file or something like this wich says:

Congratulations … xyz … has finished the quizz …. with …. points …

As the inviter to this quizz I should be able to get a mail about the result of the finished quizzes.

This is my biggest wish to this … optional it would be great if you could go any steps into this directions (a minimized quizz tool will help for the first time)



3 replies

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Hi @mlanders I really love your ideas in the Wish List*)

Are there any specific tools for quizzes that you use right now for that use-case?

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@Kate Ivanova -

I’m using Miro with Zoom and hence I’ve used Zoom’s polling capability to do simple quizzes where all questions have the same number of multiple choice answers. 

This is more to check on learner’s retention of info than an actual quiz.


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@Kate Ivanova :

Long time ago is used Web Quiz:

This is not good anymore.

And i have worked with camtasia to create quizzes, too.



I do not know what kind of products are there for quizz production but it would be nice if something like this could be implemented.

It is great for learning questions right in the classes settings.