Set default Sticky Note size

  • 28 March 2020
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I prefer to work with the wider sticky AND I like to stick to using the S size. I would love to be able to set the default to that. 

I'm guessing that the negative effect could be that someone is so zoomed out when they add a sticky to the board that they can't see it. On the other hand, as a facilitator, it allows me to give the participants some “rails”.

9 replies

Please, can anybody tell me how to set the default size of sticky notes in relation to the frame or in relation to a board?



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Agreed! Miro is a fabulous tool, but my #1 request is to be able to set the default sticky shape (3 x 5 format naturally!) and the default text size (before it automatically shrinks to fit).

Agreed. In the meantime, I will likely instruct users to make use of the bulk tool and then update the note size all at once and/or provide one of the size and color I want on the board and show them how to duplicate it quickly using ctrl+D rather than adding new ones each time. 

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The way I have worked around this is by adding sticky notes to each section in advance. It’s a bit more work but each of our templates now has stickies everywhere. This means people can just use the post-its in the size and format that makes sense because they are already there and can easily be duplicated.

For example: 


Please prioritize this feature :-). Another idea how it should look like


Yes, please. It’s a mess when participants start creating their own post-it sizes in a win-by-size match. I would love to be able to control the size of post-it’s and lock it for participants. Since I always work with frames, I have a size reference that I can use, - and I control the zoom level of the participant by pulling them to the frame.

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Me too! Please give the possibility to preset the sticky notes in rectangular shape and “my” size - thanksalot!


+1 for having the wider sticky as default!

Merci :)

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yes please!

Also, set your own defeault justification would be great. The most readeable notes are rectable, with top-left justification.