Salesforce Integration

  • 19 February 2020
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  • Integrate with Salesforce for Opportunity and Contacts
    • Opportunity integration 
      • Allow a visual exploration of pipeline, of planning, moving around strategic concepts
      • I do this manually today, particularly when looking at a SET of opportunities that are overlapping, have indirect links, or are subsets of the larger opportunity
      • This is effectively very similar to what you would do with story mapping / feature mapping for a program increment
  • Contacts integration
    • Would allow creation of organization charts, and relationship maps in non-standard ways, or visualizing those relationships
      • (I do this manually today)

2 replies

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Have you had any success with Salesforce Integration? Our end goal is to have Miro Cards populate in Salesforce, effectively making Miro Kanban function as a project managers that reports to Salesforce. Im at the stage where it’s asking me to install zapier, which gives me pause only because I spent the last 60 days pitching my boss on Miro, Now that they’re sold (hook line and sinker, they’re in love) I’m hesitant to push another subscription when the budget is pretty tight. Nevermind the fact that every time we’ve hired Salesforce specialists, it cost us a pretty penny with little no result.  

The ability to replicate a Dashboard or Report from SalesForce in a board in Miro.

  • Often the Improvement ideas and other collaborative elements need to be viewed against some data, and Dashboards often are the missing info
  • Ability for text based reports or single chart may also be of use
  • All data updates based on refreshing the SF data when opened or in view, even a refresh manual in Miro to trigger would be OK.