Rally Portfolio Item support with Rally Integration

  • 14 October 2021
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I see the integration between Rally + Miro as truly a step change in helping with defining work items in agile teams backlogs (Backlog Management v2.0). 

Business Agility or Enterprise Agility there is a lot of work done at the portfolio/program level backlogs. The current Rally + Miro Integration is just at the User Story/Defect level. 

If the integration could take advantage of creating/synchronizing a Miro Canvas with a Rally Portfolio Item (think Strategic Theme > Initiative > Capability > Feature) that would be tremendous for Divergent <> Convergent Thinking/Problem Solving/Strategic Thinking/Solution Design methods used to help define/refine items in the Portfolio/Program backlogs. 

Maybe the canvas represents the parent Portfolio Item/s (example Initiative/Epic), and cards could have the option to become a child Portfolio Item (i.e. Feature etc.) too. 

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