Private Miroverse

  • 12 May 2021
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The problem:
I’m frequently working for conglomerates and large corporates that have many partnerships, internal teams, contractors, external collaborators… who work together in Miro.

Often, they have to collaborate in some way, but their license plans are quite fragmented. Some are in an enterprise plan, some have their own team plan or business plan and some are working in both. That makes it difficult to distribute and share proprietary processes or templates.

By proprietary, I mean:
They are branded templates, or often contain specific information and processes that are unique to the company. They should be accessed by other companies or users, but they aren’t meant to be publicly available.

An daughter company that needs to use templates and processes that are defined on corporate group level.

Potential solution / dream feature:
A private Miroverse, where any team or external collaborator with a Miro license can access templates that are used by the parent company.


1 reply

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I’ll support this wish and will go a bit further:

Adding a selling option into the miroverse for the creators of templates - with % fee for miro.

I add this as a seperate wish into the wishlist