More options for MindMaps - Additional Apps for App-Marketplace

  • 19 April 2020
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for over a decade I worked with iMindMap and I loved its features.
It has 6 general features:

The MindMapping View

The Org-Chart-View

The Radial-Map-View

The Fast Capture or Bubble-Web View

the Brainstorm-View and the Timeline view. 

You could switch from one view to an other and all your data is shown in the other views and converted by a mouseclick.

I would like to see similar features in miro when it comes to MindMapping.

The sad is the company does not work anymore on this software … they starting to going into an other direction :cry: .

I place the videos inside of my favorite features I like to see in miro.

Maybe there is a way to get into this features for miro or see something similar in the app-marketplace.



The MindMap-View:


The Org-Chart View:


The RadialMap-View:


The Fastcapture Bubble Web View:


Most I miss is the MindMap view and the Org-Chart-View …
Still working with it … 


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