Mind map moving a node link on tablet

  • 16 August 2020
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Make it possible to move a node’s join in mind map on iOS (or any tablet).  All of the online resources completely skip the fact there is no keyboard to hold down the control key when using an iPad etc, so the documented method of being able to move nodes around so that they change their join to a different child or the parent node appears to be impossible on a tablet?  There needs to be a touchscreen button added say, or some option, to enable the same functionailty as if a keyboard CTRL key was held as you drag.  Without it a key feature of mindmap is impossible on a tablet.

2 replies

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@Ads Now you could reassign nodes in Mind Map on tablets & smartphones by simply moving them to the needed place. 
Have you tried this? How’s your experience?

Hi thanks I had a very quick look and it didn’t seem obvious to me how it could be done, seemed the same as before just draging them around not moving nodes, but maybe I need to look harder...